A Few Tips for Acne Treatment

How to treat acne? And what is it triggered by? Bacne is an extremely painful condition that develops not only on one’s back, but also on the buttocks and the upper arms. No need to tell how painful these pimples are, forbidding to rest properly and wear the clothes you like.

What are the main triggers of such pimples? Frankly speaking, the primary cause is the hormonal imbalance that makes one’s organism start secreting more sebum oil than it usually does. It clogs the pores, leading to formation of zits, pimples, cysts and blackheads.

So, what to do next? Are there any treatment options safe enough to be used regularly, but effective enough to eliminate the problem once and for all? We’ve discovered a few good curing options that will definitely make your trunk shining and smooth. Are you ready to find out what they are?

Always Keep Your Body Clean

This is the very first rule you are to keep to, if you want to know how to get rid of back and shoulder acne. It is essential to take shower twice a day in order to keep the pores clean. It’s highly recommended to use herbal or medicated soaps. In case you’re fond of exercising and sports, never let the sweat settle on your body. Go to the shower immediately, but never rub yourself vigorously, as this may lead to cyst formation.

Regular Massage

Yes, massage will really help you out. Massage the spine with natural oils (lavender or olive), as they work dissolving skin impurities, including extra sebum and dirt, thus preventing zits formation.


Beware of lotions, as most of them contain alcohol that dries out the skin and thus contribute to breakouts formation. What to use instead of lotions? Opt for luxurious body oils. You are able either to buy ready-made ones OR simply use some sweet almond in order to moisturize skin after taking the shower. Moisture loss can be easily prevented, if you take warm and NOT hot shower/bath.

Dieting Is the Key

Are your surprised? But that’s not a brand new fact. If you are aiming at getting rid of cysts, you should follow a diet lower in fats. The thing is the human organism excretes excess fat in various ways. And the skin is the primer of them. In order to minimize the secretion, eat less fatty foods and opt for fresh vegetables and fruits.

Use Tea Tree Oil

Specialists keep stating that tea tree oil is one of the most effective ways to eliminate spine pimples. It can be effectively used, when diluted with water. Make sure you apply tea tree solution to the affected area 2-3 times daily during 2 weeks, as this is as effective as using benzoyl peroxide creams. The only difference is the fact it’s cheaper.


ACV stands for apple cider vinegar that is also quite effectively used, while you’re dealing with skin problems. Take a cotton ball and moist it with apple cider vinegar. Apply the solution right to blemishes. After applying, allow the skin to air dry. In case you notice some irritation or worsening of the problem, dilute ACV.

Get more Vitamin D

how to get rid of back acne

How to do it? The recipe is quite simple. One is able to get vitamin D from sun exposure. Vitamin D is a hormone and, as we’ve already mentioned, the primer cause of skin problems is hormonal imbalance. The amount of the vitamin you get from the sun can easily help your body to restore its hormonal levels and bring them to norm. As a result, there will be the cut of fat production.

The only possible problem is the fact D3 is not easily absorbed by the human body. And that’s why you must get as much sun as you can. We suggest doing it right after having shower/bath, as this is when the pores are well-opened and clean. Your primer task is not to overdo, because you can easily get sunburnt. 15-20 minutes daily will be enough.

This is how to get rid of back acne at home, using no chemical substances and harmful remedies. Good luck with your treatment process!

A Few Tips for Acne Treatment
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